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NewBlue offers eco-friendly tote bags that are both biodegradable and sturdy. They can also get a lot of use. You can use them as an alternative to plastic bags, yet then also use them for carry-on luggage on a business trip.


Vibrant and eco-conscious, Austin also happens to be buzzing with tons of sustainable accessory brands using cutting-edge technology to protect our environment, and NewBlue Bags is at the top of the list.

Forego the logo and turn to a stylish, Mother Nature-minded alternative in NewBlue. The Austin brand is redefining reusable bags by launching an eco-chic alternative that is made of washable paper, though you'd never know if from the cool leather look.

The concept of avoiding single-use and moving towards REUSE is a deeply important message but also a novel idea to many. We're helping people to completely re-think their reusable bags